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Welcome to http://hp200lx-db.sourceforge.net/

hp200lx-db is a Perl module, or rather a collection of such modules, which are used to access the HP 200LX[1]'s database files. It currently supports GDB, NDB, PDB and to some extent also ADB and WDB files. These files are used by the PIM applications of this fine PDA. The Perl modules can also be found on CPAN, they use the HP200LX:: name space.

The project's overview page is on http://sourceforge.net/projects/hp200lx-db/

A few documents describe the file formats and the releases.

Structure and Future Plans

hp200lx-db contains two module groups and a number of scripts:
  1. DB access modules
  2. Perl/Tk user interface for X11 and possibly wherever else Tk runs these days;
    TASK: These modules and their scripts need to be re-packaged in a separate module.
Further development depends on user demand and may include:
  • something to sync data with "real" databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL.
  • integration with other PIM applications [does anybody know one for Unix?].
  • something to integrate the whole thing with a decent web interface.
  • integration with the LX Tools for backup.

Related Projects

This PDA has been discontinued by HP in November 1999, just before any Y2K related inconveniences could affect the owners. The Y2K bug didn't cause any major usability problem, so the versatile machine has still many dedicated fans and support from userland is still enormous. Here are just a few links to continuing projects:
  • www.palmtop.net:Central hub for all HP-LX users.
  • HPLX-L: The mailing list for the user community. As a proud owner of a HP-LX you're either already subscribed or for some strange reason you didn't know it exists!
  • LX Tool: file transfer for Un*x
  • HPLX Database Win32 SDK: This project's goal is to provide a Basci API for the databases. Note: Our Perl modules should run on Window too. Maybe someone wants to try an OLE thing?
  • Projects on Sourceforge: There are several other projects related to the venerable HP-LX palmtops hosted by Sorceforge. Thanks for hosting our projects!
  • Curtis Cameron: Several programs to verify database integrity and for Outlook synchronization.
  • Sitescooper: used for automatic downloads from the web; downloaded items could be transfered to DBs.


  1. From the FAQ: What are these HP Palmtops, anyway?

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